How to Remove a Rear Wheel with Shimano Nexus Hub

1. Set the REVOSHIFT lever/shifter to 1



2. Insert a 2 mm hexagon wrench (the smallest one included with Bicycles Online multi-tool) into the hole on the cassette joint pulley and push in a downwards motion so the cassette moves anti-clockwise to slacken inner cable [1].

First, remove the inner cable fixing bolt unit from the pulley [2],

Remove the outer casing from the outer casing holder [3].



3. Loosen the hub nuts (anticlockwise direction) on both sides by an adjustable wrench or 15mm spanner and now the wheel can be released from the frame.




  1. Mount the chain/belt on the sprocket, and then set the hub axle into the drop-outs.



2. Place non-turn washers onto the right and left sides of the hub axle. At this time, turn the cassette joint so that the protrusions of the non-turn washers fit into the grooves in the dropouts and align the joint to be almost parallel to the chainstay.





3. Take up slack in the chain and secure the wheel to the frame with the cap nut. Tigh the nuts on both sides by adjustable wrench or 15 mm spanner.



 4. Insert the outer casing into the outer casing holder [1].

Next, insert a 2 mm hexagon wrench into the hole in the cassette joint pulley, and turn the pulley [2] so that the inner cable fixing bolt unit fits into the gap in the pulley [3].



5. Check that the inner cable is correctly seated inside the pulley guide. This is the last step, your bike is ready for a ride.


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