What is so smart about the battery?

We all have a fairly good idea on what a battery does, however very little is ever mentioned about the battery management system (BMS) yet it is one of the most important parts of the entire system.

A battery management system sits on a circuit board within the battery itself. This system controls a lot of the battery performance and also offers diagnostics on the battery and also components of the e-bike system including the motor, display, controller and wiring loom. Then there is the software that runs the whole lot.

The reason it is so important is for safety, reliability and warranty. The system logs events that happen to the battery such as temperature, charge and discharge cycles, individual cell voltages as well as performance of the charger.

From a safety aspect it prevents things like this happening. This one doesn’t have a BMS.


When you have so much power stored in the battery, it is important that it is carefully monitored and controlled. The BMS will shut down cells, stops charging, or discharging if it detects any errors.

The BMS also helps with fault finding. If, in a few years’ time, you notice a reduction in performance of the e-bike how would you know what the issue is unless the bike has a BMS. Without a BMS, you might think it is the motor, but it could be the battery, or perhaps even the charger that is faulty. You could spend a fortune replacing the entire system without knowing which component is the source of the real cause. A BMS solves all of this and gives clear diagnostics, with an added layer of safety to the whole e-bike system.  

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