Ultimo Bike Stem and Handlebar Adjustment

Your bike comes with a stem you could adjust to help you ride comfortably with your handlebars. Here's a short video on how to tweak the stem for the most relaxed ride.

What you'll need:

  • 5mm allen key


1. Loosen the right pivot bolt.
2. Loosen the angle-adjust bolt found in the middle of the stem, until the stem can be angled upward, releasing the toothed plate.
3. Choose the desired angle. Tighten the angle-adjust fixing bolt. Lift the stem up and down as you tighten to ensure the toothed plate sits flush within the stem notches.
4. Complete tightening to 15Nm.
5. Tighten the right pivot bolt to 15Nm.
6. Adjust handlebar angle as desired.
7. Tighten the two top bolts to 9Nm.

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